We have Blazers Eco logs for sale. These are available from 1 bag to a full 108 bag pallet and a great, clean alternative to kiln dried firewood

1.17m3 crates of kiln dried firewood available in Birch, Ash or Oak logs. Discounts are applied if collected from our depot in Nottingham

Brighter Flames, More Heat, Longer Burning and Protection for Your Stove and Flue From Our Firewood

If you are used to burning seasoned logs or more commonly, semi-seasoned logs from local suppliers who struggle to season their logs sufficiently by air-drying due to not being able to keep up with demand, the difference when burning kiln dried firewood is like night and day – ash and birch firewood burns clean with a bright flame, provides maximum heat and protects your stove and flue lining from damage by tar deposits and creosote build up caused by logs above 20-25% moisture, including logs that have been insufficiently kiln dried using sub-standard methods or poor quality control.


Our firewood delivery area covers west bridgford, radcliffe 0n trent, bingham, stragglethorpe, cotgrave, cropwell bishop, cropwell butler, vale of belvoir,ruddington, clifton, beeston, wollaton, carlton, mapperley, arnold, bestwood, nottingham, newark, derby, lincoln, east midlands

We keep a large quantity in stock at all times so it readily available for quick delivery to your door.


Nationwide delivery available. Buy a single net or  full shipping container. Please call or email.

01159 816654

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